MDC – Square Diffuser

MAPRO Square/Rectangular multi cone ceiling diffuser is a versatile product for air distribution are ideal for most commercial projects requiring efficient air distribution and also to maintain various ceiling patterns.

MDS – Slot Diffuser

MAPRO make continuous slot diffuser of model MDS is ideally suited to variable volume applications due to its excellent low flow rate air diffusion characteristics and high air handling capacity.

MHD – Helical Diffuser

MAPRO make Helical Diffuser (MHD Series) is a variant of high induction swirl diffuser, with individually adjustable radial blades for optimal diffusion, ensuring an instant mixture of primary and secondary air.

MDCP – Plaque Diffuser

MAPRO Plaque Diffuser is the optimum solution clean architectural finish with high-performance product. The diffuser is available in  4 way horizontal airflow pattern and provide great versatility, as it is able to diffuse air suitable to the different type of application.

MEV – Disc Valve

MAPRO make Toilet Exhaust Valve (MEV Series) are best applied to air exhaust especially for the low airflow movement in circular ductwork.