Linear Grilles

MAPRO Linear Grilles are versatile solution for supply and return air distribution requirement of HVAC system and ideal for discreet, continuous, curved, corners, wall to wall, wall to ceiling, 90-deg mitering, cill or bulkhead applications.

Adjustable Louver Grille

MAPRO make Adjustable Louver Grilles is a optimum solution for discreet size supply / return air grilles, these grilles are with option to regulate the air flow direction by adjusting the blades at desired angle individually.

Egg Crate Grille

MAPRO make Egg Crate Grille is one of the many supply / exhaust application devices available which offers both Engineering and Architectural requirements.

MAPRO – Door Grille

Mapro Door Grille also known asĀ  non vision air transfer door grille is a optimum solution for sight proof air transfer air in connected room application.