Tube Axial Fan About this Product

Our direct-driven high-performance Axial Flow Fan, designed for the efficient ventilation system and are available from 315 mm dia to 2000 mm dia that covers a wide range of volumetric flow. Additionally, the blade pitch is field adjustable to accommodate system changes. The casing design and construction are well suited for indoor or outdoor applications and can be easily installed in ducted or non- ducted systems. Fans and blades are designed to reduce operating cost with improved efficiency design offer inherently lower sound levels than other axial fans.


  • Direct Driven Type.
  • Size : 315 to 2000 mm Diameter.
  • Air Performance upto 393000 CMH.
  • Static Pressure upto 93 mmWg.


  • AMCA Certified for Sound & Air Performance.
  • High-Temperature CE Certification in accordance with CPR (EU-305/2011) & EN 12101-3:2015 for 300 °C/ 120 min
  • High-Temperature UL Listed in accordance with “Power Ventilators for Smoke Control Systems”.
  • High-Temperature 250°C/ 120 mins & 300°C/ 120 min as per BS EN 12101-3:2015.

Typical Ventilation Applications include:

  • General Ventilation.
  • Emergency smoke and heat exhaust.
  • Stairwell pressurization.
  • Parking garage and storage facility exhaust.
  • Industrial process ventilation.