AFJF – Jet Fan About this Product

AIR FLOW range of AFJF series Axial Jet Fans offer space & energy saving product that requires less maintenance and investment and completely eliminates the heavy ductwork. Constructed with double flanged mild steel and combined with cast alloy aluminium impeller for high efficiency.

Our Smoke Exhaust Dual Speed Jet Fan is crafted for toughest in utility and driven by client needs, we help in defining your ventilation needs by offering an ideal & cost-effective solution for ventilation and smoke extraction from enclosed or underground car parking.

We also do CFD Analysis of our Jet Fan system to understand the behaviour of the smoke and the values of temperature, visibility, airspeed and CO concentrations in underground car park system for competent authorities and client.


  • Complete Range of AFJF series of Jet Fan from 315 mm to 400 mm Dia.
  • Fire Rated Jet Fans as per BS EN 12101-3:2015
  • Double Flanged Casing.
  • Adjustable aluminium Impeller.
  • Painting or galvanized finish.
  • Operating temperature range is standard -20°C to + 40°C and smoke Exhaust 300°C/2 hrs & 250°C/2 hrs.
  • Available in unidirectional and fully reversible models.