MAPRO Slot Diffuser

MDS – Slot Diffuser About this Product

MAPRO make continuous slot diffuser (MDS) is ideally suited to variable volume applications due to its excellent low flow rate air diffusion characteristics and high air handling capacity. This is a highly established product in terms of aerodynamic and acoustic performance. For the requirement of air distribution through ceiling of continuous/discreet size section, these diffusers are suitable with the scope of air pattern adjustment by changing blade/vane opening. Provision is made to control the airflow rate by providing Hit & Miss Damper in each slot, if required.


  • Available in multi-slot options.
  • Fully adjustable airflow pattern by means of two deflector per slot.
  • Airflow deflection in each slot is individually adjustable.
  • Option of multiple slot width i.e. 12.5 mm, 20 mm & 25 mm.
  • Ideal for continuous lengths installations.
  • Diffuser can be used with mitered corners.