Plug Fan About this Product

AIR FLOW High-Efficiency AFPF Series Plug / Plenum Fan for air handling unit is the perfect combination of high volume, compact size, durability and superior quality where the AHU plenum acts as the fan housing.

  • Direct Driven Type
  • Sizes from 315 mm to 1000 mm Diameter
  • Air Performance upto 64000 CMH
  • Static Pressure upto 350 mm wg
  • Backward Curve Aerofoil Aluminium & Steel Impellers
  • AMCA Certified for Sound & Air Performance (FEG)
  • Maintaince free, High Efficiency and Low Noise.
  • Suitable for AHU,Fan Section,Liftwell,Stairwell, HighTemperature
  • Applications, Basement Car Park, Industrial Application.


  • Highly Energy Efficient.
  • Compact Design.
  • Silent Operation.
  • Maintains IAQ, No Toxic and Aggressive Dust created from Belt.
  • Low and Easy Maintenance.
  • Latest Fan Technology.
  • Guaranteed Performance in Radical Atmospheres.