Vane Axial Flow Fan About this Product

AIR FLOW High-Efficiency Vane Axial Fan Series is the perfect combination of high volume, compact size, durability and superior quality fans required for air ventilation in a commercial or industrial segment.


  • Direct Driven Type.
  • Air Performance upto 385,000 CMH.
  • Static Pressure upto 82 mm Wg.
  • Adjustable / Controllable Pitch Impeller.
  • High Efficiency and Low Sound Level.
Certification :-
  • AMCA Certified for Sound & Air Performance (FEG) Series AFPV-X, AFPV4GVX.
  • UL listed for 400°C / 30mins, 300°C / 2 hrs & 250°C / 2 hrs in accordance with “Power ventilators for smoke control systems”.
  • Fire Rated for 250°C/ 2 hrs,300°C / 2 hrs in accordance with BS EN 12101-3:2015


Typical Ventilation Applications include:

  • General Ventilation.
  • Emergency smoke and heat exhaust.
  • Stairwell pressurisation.
  • Parking garage and storage facility exhaust.
  • Industrial process ventilation.